Tuesday, December 28, 2010

...and all is right with the world

Well, I think this blog will just be an update on Bonny’s world. As you can see the Google ads are gone and we are back to the old format, which I like better anyway. Angels was not paid for any of the traffic generated from our website. So, the grand experiment ends with a lesson learned, always a valuable thing ;-).

My faith in the Creator’s ability to put me where I am meant to be, has once again been re-affirmed. I am living where I need to live, to best access my new job, which is a position I absolutely love, and an excellent fit for both me and my employers. The schedule for this job offers me the time necessary to continue working with homeless initiatives and street people.

I am once again enjoying the great peace of knowing my path is firm and clear before me. Thank you, all of my dear friends for your love and support during those dark months of uncertainty. Have a joyous day and I am sure I will be back to rant about something else again very soon.

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