Thursday, April 4, 2013

Two Posts in One

From Russia, With Love
That was Ian Fleming’s line this blog is to Russia with love. Yesterday Angels of the Road had 70 hits from our friends in Russia; that is 50% more than Canada had in the past month. Once in a while strange things like that happen which remind me the issues around homelessness and poverty are still relevant, not just in North America but globally. So thank you, to everyone who has taken an interest in Angels of the Road for the past 4 years (June)… and for all your personal efforts to make our communities, our countries and this world a better place.
OMG that was amazing…
I laughed… I cried… (this from me , who hates seeing reality coming out of my television) LOL.
Today is an exception which may become a rule; or at least happen more often as time goes on. Angels of the Road has evolved into what is essentially a social justice site focusing on anti-poverty and housing issues. Spirit of the 8th Fire is about our spiritual ascension into abundance, brotherhood and peace.  Sometimes, like right now, these two things intersect. So this blog will post to both sites. I just had the most awesome (I don’t use that term loosely) experience, I was awe-struck and joyous watching this episode of CBC’s 8TH FIRE documentary, “Its Time”.   Unlike the first episode Indigenous in the City: which carried a lot of bias, this was so full of promise I really... REALLY believe every Canadian needs to watch this. Truth without guilt, real people of both races pushing forward building a new Canadian reality. “It’s Time”, offers a view of the future created from our pastt…our future as one country with respect, opportunity and hope for everyone. As I have said before we cannot and should not take responsibility for the past, but every one of us is responsible for what happens next. Whichever side of Native/Non-Native divide you are on educate yourself, then educate others, lets close the gap. There is value and beauty in each of us, open your eyes, see it, embrace it and rejoice.
Have a joyous day.

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