Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Get your very own copy of the report of findings for Angels of the Road.

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Special thx to Gilles Sequin, you can link onto the summary of my report through here

As you all know, few years ago I set out to observe the Canadian shelter system from the perspective of our clients. I am not going to say the system was failing, but there was missing information. Information that may make our job easier…as I see it our job is to help people move forward with their lives and get out of the shelters. The project was 16 months long, covered all regions of Canada except the far north and Quebec. I lived every minute of every day as a homeless person; ate what they ate, slept where they slept, spent my days with them hanging out and being a part of their world.  Now I share what I have learned with you.
There are two PDF documents which I will be happy to email to you. Just send your request to One is a 28 page report of my findings, a quasi academic style paper with observations, conclusions and recommendations for 8 different parameters of the shelter experience. The other is a 3 page summary of those findings.
Please feel free to forward this information when you get it to anyone in the human services field who has an interest in homelessness or contact with marginalized populations; or anyone studying or teaching in human services. Perhaps one day I will write about the actual experience of being “out there” but, this report is more important to the industry and my client friends; then is regaling the world with personal anecdotes. Thank you for your interest and your help in sharing this knowledge with the world.
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