Tuesday, October 20, 2009

A Learning Experience

October 20, 2009
HAPPY BIRTHDAY GEORGE.... my oldest daughter is 29 today (again lol). One of the disadvantages of being on this journey is missing things like birthdays. I won't see my grandbaby's first step or hear his first word, those moments are my loss. Fortunately my children have each other and good friends to share their celebrations. My grandbaby has loving parents to enjoy all those firsts, hopefully taking tons of photos to send to me LOL.
I'm sorry about the lack of blogging, I have been distracted, by a knee injury that is not healing. It has been months since the problem first a rose, and the pain is getting worse over time. I have been hoping it would work itself out eventually. My mobility is being seriously hindered, and I have decided it is time to seek treatment. The homeless life requires much walking and standing...this will be especially true of larger centres, there are many large cities still to be visited. I am currently in a smaller centre so waits and distances are not so bad right now.
Most of my time (and learning) has been spent with the agencies and bureaucracies that service the homeless population. I am moved by the compassion and commitment I have see from the individual workers. I don't know if this is typical or if I will find a different temperament in the big city. But it is definitely a theory I will have to look into at my earliest opportunity.

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