Saturday, October 10, 2009

new day new place

October 10, 2009
So much of this journey is left to the grace of God and the kindness of others. On Thursday I became aware that friends of my daughter's would be spending Thanksgiving weekend with family in one of my destination cities. They were kind enough to give me a ride and I am now settled into a nice shelter here. Thank you so much Chris & Alex. This allowed me to arrive with $40 in my pocket instead of penniless. Which is a huge weight off my shoulders when entering a new environment. This is especially true when arriving later in the day, because agencies are often closed. My strategy has always been to find the YWCA (if there is one) because they are open fairly late and can usually direct me to women's shelters. As usual they came through for me last night, I am now safely housed in a small women's shelter and will begin my foyers into the community today.

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