Sunday, February 7, 2010

Hell No, We Won't GO!

February 7, 2010
I have just retuned from a ralley calling to task the governments of B.C. and Canada for Olympic spending... or more importantly the lack of spending for affordable housing. They recited the statistics on poverty region by region..I don't think there was anything less then 18%. What is surprising to me... is that 1500 units of existing low cost housing was uprooted over the past several years and replaced with 1600 upscale condos. What makes this puzzling is the reputation of the neighbourhood has homeless people avoiding it... cannot imagine the conversation, when you talk to the Mrs about moving Down Town. One of the biggest contributors to homelessness is the "gentrifying" of old core neighbourhoods. This neighbourhood is not going down without a fight. It maybe the poorest area in the country but there is a community spirit , support and level of organization I have not seen anywhere else. Gtg my battery is tapped out ...again.

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