Friday, March 5, 2010

Time & Place

March 4, 2010

I stepped out of the soup kitchen, a dozen or so people scattered across the length of the block, smoking and chatting. It is about 6 p.m. in what has been an extremely grey day... in what has been a grey week over all. Out of the harbour there is a rainbow, only about 1/3 of an arch reaching up and fading into the clouds. The colours become more intense with setting of the sun. The whole area becomes radiant, and all the clouds to the west are laced in gold. There is no price on this moment… you only needed to be in that spot at that moment and it was yours to enjoy. Twenty meters away people stood on the sidewalk smoking oblivious to the miracle I had just witnessed (the rainbow was obscured by a 2 story building). The sky in the east was as grey and brooding as it had been all day, and would likely be again tomorrow. For one brief moment, in an otherwise grey week, my sky had a rainbow. And for now my heart has a smile.

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