Sunday, December 6, 2009

Bloggin on Baggins again

December 6,2009
First I should update you all on the Bilbo Baggins matter. Mr Baggins and I have exchanged 2 emails since his initial editorial arrived and was posted. He explained that he chose to email me because he did not wish to publicly disrespect me. I explained that I am open to public input...good, bad or whatever... that is why I have a comments option on the the Blogsite. Also the FORUM page was set up specifically so people could talk to each other about poverty, homelessness and related topics. Share your personal stories, news articles or opinions, use a pseudonym like our Mr Baggins if you wish. Since the FORUM is open you will be able to read any comments or feed back on your submission. I will not publish personal or contact information but all comments are open to public view. These 2 option are woefully under used... and if there is no activity over the next few months, on the FORUM I will probably just remove it from the site all together.
Mr Baggins volunteers tirelessly with the homeless and disadvantaged in his community as do so many across the country. It was his deep compassion for the people he works with which prompted is concern and outrage. The perspective he voiced was informed by that experience. I hope our conversations have helped him to see, this issue of poverty and homelessness is a problem which needs to be addressed on several fronts. Although my work is different from his our goals are the same. A just society where everyone can live comfortably, secure and with a measure dignity.
I published Bil's letter for two reasons. First if he has these concerns so do others and they should be able to get answers. I am grateful to Bil for giving me the opportunity to address these concerns...and if anyone else has concerns please do NOT hesitate to contact me. Second I want very much to encourage everyone to openly dialogue on this topic... Every one of us is effected by the homelessness crisis in North America. Ignoring it will not make it go away. Even if you don't care enough about the subject to get involved, we should all care enough to get informed.


  1. Thankyou for your gracious comments of where I am coming from. As you know I work with the most marginalized in our community. Those without hope, support of family and friends. Those who are suffering from mental issues and physical addictions, women who have been forced into prostitution and minors who have been taken advantage of. Those who have no experience of love.
    For the past 15 years I have been trying to the best of my abilities to do what I can.
    Since my e-mail address seems to poses problems for your followers you can reach me at (Personal) or (Preferred)

  2. Nice to finally meet you Chris
    Thanks so much for sharing your experiences with us. I can't help thinking once we get the working poor out of the shelter system and into affordable housing we will be able to serve our marginalized populations far better. Never give up the faith ... there is a better world just waiting for us (humanity) to build it. Take care

  3. So I guess our differences lie with priorities. I certainly acknowledge the plight of the working poor and have met many who are one pay cheque away from homelessness. My personal immediate concern is those who are destitute and - at least in my opinion - need help the most

  4. You are right Chris... those are the people who do need the most help. It was in fact the street people I was working with when I realized how much of our resources and energy were being spent on people who are capable of sustained housing, if there was affordable housing for them to access. You would be heartened see what E4C in Edmonton has been doing with supportive housing for its special needs & elderly populations.
    Maybe you should start a thread on the forum page Chris, I'm sure readers would be interested.
    best regards