Monday, May 10, 2010

bits n bites

May 10, 2010

Hope all the Mom's out there had a good Mother's Day. Once again I did not phone my mother, but thanks to my little sister I considered it ...for the first time in many years. As with many parent child relationships... we have issues.
Other bits and bites from this week. Trying to make sure I see all my Calgary friends before I have to leave again. I have contacted the about getting a column...doesn't pay much but every little bit helps keep the project going. The best part is I can do it from anywhere. Mending a few things, while I'm my life boring or what LOL
One piece of exciting news... Edwin Tuts is being featured in an art show on May22nd in Edmonton from 10am-6pm at the "newly restored immigration hall bldg" 10534-100 St. Local and international artist will be there and proceeds will benefit the Hope Mission and its work with the city's homeless! Hope Mission is one of my favourite venues in Edmonton... if you can attend please do. Also please spread the word, a good turn out is important.
I'm planning to attend the Homeless Connect on Saturday so if you don't hear from me before I'll be reporting on that this Sunday. Enjoy your week ttyl.

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