Friday, May 21, 2010

Homeless Connect 9

May 21, 2010
Sorry about the extended absence from bloggable activity, but as you all know I am currently on a brief stopover in Calgary visiting family and friends. If all goes as planned the next leg of my, Angels of the Road, journey will have me away from home for a year or more. The distances are too great to bus back every few months…. can’t afford to fly and we all know (from the Grande Cache experience) I just suck at hitch-hiking LOL.
Last Saturday I attended Homeless Connect 9… every few months the Calgary Homeless foundation gathers together all the service providers under one roof. Booths are set up for housing, health care, identification, legal advice, rehab programs, grooming, etc…. etc…. etc. While we waited in the line to enter (which took just over an hour) volunteers came around with coffee and teeny muffins. As always I use the time in line ups to get acquainted with other clients. I ran into several old friends that day, many of whom have been housed through initiatives created by The Calgary Homeless Foundation. These events and services are available not just for the homeless but also the poor and working poor. You really should check out the Calgary Homeless Foundation’s website to learn more about their many projects and the 10 year plan to end homelessness.
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