Friday, May 28, 2010


May 28, 2010

This is the first segment in an ongoing series called “Quite Heroes”… about everyday people and business owners who extend themselves to the homeless in our communities. I will not name these businesses and individuals because they have chosen to move quietly through their lives doing good works. Their reward is held in the hands of their god and the gratitude of those whose lives they have touched.
Today I want to tell you about about a 24hr internet café, which is frequented by homeless young people. It provides a respite from the dangers, discomfort and structure of the youth shelters. They pay the unlimited daily use fee and hangout unmolested for the whole night. If they fall asleep on a table they are left to sleep. This owner will allow the young people to work small chores in exchange for internet time or food. This kindness is not required… You know WHO YOU ARE and you are my first QUIET HERO. Thank you.
Rev. Dr Ken Fong put it well when he wrote, "No one can do everything, but if everyone does something...everything will get done".

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