Thursday, September 2, 2010

lost & found

Yesterday I wrote a post which I am happy to say I did not publish. It was uncharacteristically whiny. I had misplaced my earrings, including a little winged crystal heart that was gifted to me by a young man in Regina. Compounded by a lack of sleep and disappointment over the realization that a job I had wanted very badly, may not be coming my way after all. Frustration over the uncertainty of what to do next added to my irritability. But following a good night's sleep I am once again feeling grounded. This doesn't change that fact that I still have to get back to work...(or win a lottery) there just isn't any money to continue at this point in time.
But I am reminded that my plans are merely intentions and eventually the Creator will put me where I need to be to fulfill whatever purpose He has for me. So if the job here in Ottawa is not meant to be... then we move forward. Besides finding my faith, I also found my earrings today ;-) Then I went on a walkabout and found a little curio shop which is going out of business. I was taken with a rough soapstone carving of a "mother & child" is unsigned. The owner told me she bought this piece and others over the years from an Inuit gentleman who lives among the Ottawa street population. She says he would disappear from time to time, but always returned after several months, looking for a little drinking money. She tells me he has been gone for a year and a half now... maybe this time the cure took. She also had a little jade arrowhead which she sold me for the change in my pocket, which was considerably less than the asking price. These little art acquisitions have made my day.
Tonight we did crafts and I put together a crude smudging wand... the staff here is overall pretty good. This shelter operates under Harm Reduction protocols so I am sure it can be difficult working here. We lost one of our best people this week... Jessica is still in the industry, she has just moved to a transitional facility with the same agency. Being able to move from one population to another is one of the best ways to combat burnout and retain good staff. Yes I am not only learning about living in shelters but also about staffing them.
Anyway got to go, sorry no pearls of wisdom for today...have a joyous week.

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