Friday, September 10, 2010

A moment's peace

No... things in the shelter are still as hectic as ever. But at this moment I have some peace of heart again. While I haven't firmed anything up, my plans (intentions)have become clearer. So for the next couple of weeks I will spend some time getting to know the city of Ottawa. If I'm still unemployed and on my own after that I will move to Hamilton for the winter... not so much work in the shelter industry there but rents are cheaper and I'll be close to my youngest daughter.
I know there are places here in Ottawa where I would like to work when my Angels Journey comes to an end... but it does remain to be seen if the is the kind of city I would want to settle down in. I do love the Byward Market area and I have just returned from an evening walk there. I don't think I could afford a place in that neighbourhood, but fortunately it is right next door to the depressed area where the shelters are located. So the Market area is kinda my "next door" neighbourhood. I can't talk long tonight I'm on the communal computer... Take care of yourselves and have a joyous week.

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