Friday, November 12, 2010

Do Ladybugs Twitter?

If you are following Angels of the Road on Twitter you have probably already, visited the Ladybug Foundation website. The Ladybug Foundation showed up as a Google advertisers here, so I checked it out (AR doesn’t get paid when I click… only when you click). The foundation was formed in 2005 out of an idea from an 8 year old girl named Hannah. Little Hannah wanted to do something to help the homeless in Winnipeg. Now 5 years later her project is still going strong with Hannah spearheading a national public awareness campaign, through Red Scarf Day (Jan 31, 2011). Please get the details on how to participate in your city from the Ladybug website.
Always one to admit to my very human failings, I have to say that Evil Me is jealous of the support young Hannah has been given. Not just from the luminaries listed on the website, but also by parents who understand how to nurture a child’s dreams. I am pretty sure if 8 year old Bonny had come home with a dime in hand, saying I wanted to help the poor; my parents would have said, “We ARE the poor”. Then my dime would have found its way down to the hotel to buy a draft LOL.
Good Me realizes that having the parents I had, contributed to me becoming who I am… and I very much like who I am. Also… maybe I don’t have  a lot of famous people supporting Angels of the Road. But I’m not 13 years old and cute as a baby seal… no disrespect intended, I admire this girl and what she is doing more than you can even imagine. My journey does have the support of my family, my friends, my co-workers, other shelter industry workers (p.s. thx for the words of support Surry Shelter) and so very, very, many client friends. Every day more than 20 new people visit the Angels of the Road’s website and over 200 people return. I have found out recently that less than half as many people visit the blog site; guess I’ll have to work on that. So, to all my friends and followers, thank you for the time you spend with Angels of the Road and know that I am so very grateful for your interest and support.
Seeing that very classy website yesterday, also made Evil Me really jealous, wishing I had the kind of marketing team (and budget) that the Ladybug Foundation seems to enjoy. A very professional and polished presentation… my compliments to the designer. And if you donated your services, congrats on the karma build. So people, please don’t make comparisons…. I’m doing the Angels of the Road site on my own and learning as I go. Fortunately, I don’t mind learning; hope you don’t mind watching LOL.
Every project has its own focus. Ladybug pulls at the heart strings; giving the public a cursory understanding of homelessness and a very tangible way in which to become proactive in the fight for social justice. Angels of the Road is for the most part an intellectual pursuit. Though born from a place of love, the purpose of AR is to deepen our understanding of homelessness and the shelter system. How it works, how to make it work better and why that is so very important to each and every Canadian (North American). Different routes to the same destination, a community where everyone can live with dignity and security.
Good Me says that, the most important thing is to move our society toward social justice and an end to homelessness. Every effort small or large should be celebrated. That is why (inspired by this week's find) I am going to seek out other charities and projects looking to end homelessness, which I will feature in weekly blogs on this site. If you aren’t inspired by Angels of the Road or the Ladybug Foundation's Red Scarf Day maybe you will come across something in the future that will inspire you to action. The very best reason in the world to do the right thing... is because it is right. Ending poverty and homelessness, is the right thing… finding a personal way of doing the right thing may take a little longer. Have a joyous day.

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