Sunday, November 21, 2010

Tips & Tricks of Successful Fundraising

Yesterday I received an email from a dear friend of mine in Calgary, like myself, she works in human services at a not- for-profit agency. She wants me to share my secrets for successful self promotion and fund raising. LMAO…. Now I have to admit to her (and everyone else) that I am the most UNSUCCESSFUL fund raiser ever. Since leaving a year and a half ago I have likely taken in under $1,000 in donations; most of that in gifts kindly given by dear and close friends, guided more by their belief in me then in my cause. Their names can be found under the HOW YOU CAN HELP tab on a list of partners. Selling the dream catchers which I made, probably brought in a couple of hundred dollars… half of those were sold to friends. Now we are trying out the Google Ads… doing that is averaging about $4 a day. At that rate, by spring, we can expect to raise 1/10th of the $6000 we need to continue Angels of the Road.
On a related subject I cannot block individual ads… so because of my use of the word shelter you are going to keep seeing ads for industrial, prefab buildings and tents. Sorry…. But just for fun if the Tectonik ad appears you should so take a look…. They have these really cool inflatable igloo things in amazing colours and shapes. I think deflating should be done by pulling out the stopper and letting everyone jump on it like a bouncy castle until all the air is gone LOL.
To compensate for the failings in my own fundraising... I have added a new FEATURED EVENTS page where I will list events, projects and fundraiser for agencies working on anti poverty and homelessness issues. For the first in our series open the ART SHOW link below.
On the subject of fund raising the Calgary Drop-In does some very amazing things and one of my favorites, is the ART SHOW and SALE which is coming up next weekend. I can’t be there this year but if you are in the Calgary area do attend. Funds are split between the author/artist of the piece and the DI. The DI’s share goes to support the arts programs…. for clients. I believe strongly in the arts and sports programs which go a long way to building an individual’s self-esteem and that is the first step to rebuilding a life. You can give a person a job or a home but if they don’t feel deserving, it won’t last long. Working to end homelessness requires addressing the problem on several fronts, providing warm beds and hot meals is an important first step (insert Ladybug Foundation). Beyond that we need the knowledge and skill to move people forward in their personal lives (that is what Angels of the Road is doing). But most important is the movement by everyone to create adequate (1.3 million units) levels of affordable home ownership in Canada (Habitat for Humanity). I hope you will decide to participate in which ever area you feel best serves your social conscious. Raise funds, raise awareness, raise a roof… donate a blanket, donate money, BUY A PAINTING….

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