Saturday, November 21, 2009

Another's Story

November 21, 2009
Amazing, I don't have access to the date on this computer... There no calenders in this room or any clocks beyond the one in the corner of the computer screen... how strange. My cell phone and personal computer are locked in the office, they do not provide long distance on the phone here essentially cutting off my contact with my family and friends. The 24hr kitchen is stocked with bread products, dairy and some fruit. Dinner was vegetarian nachos, stuffed peppers and a chili with ground meat in it (I don't know the exact daily requirement of meat protein for a healthy female). I'll let you know on that ;-) During the night the bed check is done every hour, for light sleepers (like myself) this is always a slight sleep disruption. If this were a Christian based organization I'd suspect a subtle attempt is being made to brainwash clients into some Jesus Cult.
That's just silly, people don't brainwash that easily. My computer time is up so tomorrow I'll tell you Pam's story. For now I'm just going sign off and add a cross to the symbols on my painted hoodie.
God bless

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