Wednesday, November 11, 2009

New Places New Faces

November 11, 2009
I have been in a new town since Saturday, the first night I showed up at the women's shelter and was told that I do not meet the criteria for admission. Turns out the shelter I went to was a crisis (battered women's) shelter. Because I am sooo adorable, they were kind enough to allow me to stay the weekend. That would allow me to access a bank and get a bus ticket to a larger centre, because to quote the worker "you don't belong in a place like that"... Turns out this is exactly the place I belong in. Have to keep this short we are not allowed to stay on site during the day here. Day before yesterday I say a man who looked alot like a guy I new in Calgary, striking resemblance but about 20lbs heavier and 10 yrs younger. So yesterday I ask if he might be related to my friend, he said yes....strung me along for a minute or two before admitting he is in fact Brian. He came here for work back in the summer and is looking so much better, healthier for the time away. There is a mission where I spend the day, there is never more then a dozen people there outside of meal times. Dinner serves about a hundred homeless and poor. What can I say small town (small detour from my plan) but the women's shelter was the subject to much comment. So I wanted to check it out and it was everything they said. I'll tell you more when I have time. gtg.....

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