Thursday, November 12, 2009

jumping through

November 12, 2009
There is a unusual ritual required to stay in the shelter I am currently at and yesterday I missed a step so I had some doubt about where I would be spending the night. If the mission opened their sleep floor (only happens below -5) I could go there after 9pm...if not I would have to look for a all night coffee shop. The bus station closes at 10pm...the other option would be parking my butt in the police station until they either forced someone to take my in...or bought me a coffee LOL.
Hear is the drill, at 10am we must show up at the shelter to state our intention of coming in that night. At 9pm or earlier...we must show up or call in to claim the bed, then we would be free to stay out until 11pm if we so wished. I didn't make the 10am claim time, so I would have to check back and see if anyone missed their 9pm check in. The mission was going to open at 9pm so I would have to kill about 4 hrs before checking either option. After accompanying an elderly resident to try on cheap coats at the liquidation centre I went to A & W for a tea. I sat in the booth next to another resident and her boyfriend, their conversation led me to believe she planned to move out of the shelter that night. I phoned over to the shelter and ask if I could have her bed...I have become so mercenary LOL. But the name of the game is survival...and I'm learning.

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