Thursday, November 26, 2009

Quick blog before the hoards return

November 26, 2009
The shelter I am staying in is quite full so it becomes awkward trying to blog. You never know who will pass by and be trying to read over your shoulder. Yes, for the most part I still try to keep a low profile. No lies, I just don't share too much about my journey. I have learned a lot (which I didn't know before I left) about the homelessness problem over the past 6 months. The journey is almost 25% completed. I find I'm burning out much more quickly in this province, then in the previous two.
The province I am currently visiting, has a much lower percentage of economic homelessness then the others did. It isn't that there is more affordable housing available. But it seems this government is prepared to spend money on temporary housing, motel rooms by the month etc. I having a meeting this afternoon with the councilor here who specializes in housing options. I will let you know what I find out as soon as I can.
As for the burn out that is likely a function of the very high percentage of dysfunctional people in the shelters here. Most of my 20+ housemates are addicts or mental health clients. The ladies still come to me for guidance, advice or just moral support. I probably still smell like a social-worker LOL but my job is 24/7 so it can be a bit wearing. In a couple for weeks I'll be visiting family and my contact with the homeless populations will go back to days only for a few weeks. Chance to recharge before the biggest challenge yet.

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