Sunday, August 16, 2009

much ado about nothing

August 16, 2009
Not sure I have anything interesting to talk about today. Brunch was good ...dinner sucked so we rushed over to this community church that serves 6-7pm on Sunday only. They had a great fresh fruit salad...filled in the gap quite nicely. It was a plesant day in the park just relaxed and wove dream catchers. Had half a dozen homeless and elderly ask if they could come back at month end to buy some.
There was a near fight in line at the church, a large native man slip into line and the guy 2 people in front of him took offence. Much shouting, cursing and threatening insued. Then they started with, "we'll take this outside after we eat..." I tried to suggest such insults should not be allowed to stand and they should take this outside right now. Mostly because we were all tired of listening to them bickering but at least partly because it would have moved me forward in line by 2 people ;-). What can I say I'm fitting in nicely LOL.

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