Wednesday, August 19, 2009


August 19, 2009
Permit me to begin tonight with a small rant. If you drive and most adults do...When the car in front of you is stopped at a crosswalk THERE IS A REASON. Usually that reason involves a pedestrian in the crosswalk. Do not go speeding around him at 35 mph. A small red car missed me by a few feet today with such a maneuver. If my bad knee had not been acting up, my pace would have been faster and I would be quite dead. Also had I been pushing a stroller the child would have most definitely been killed. The young man driving was probably in his mid-twenties, he would have had 50 years to live with the guilt and regret of that moment. Unless a vehicle has 4-way flashers on STOP or at least slow to 5 mph so you can stop, before killing some poor person who is just trying to cross a street.
To date we have made $100.00 toward the phone bill, that is 8 days of making and selling the mini dream catchers. Three more weeks, at this rate and we will be able to reconnect the phone and internet service. Would need to increase sales by 50% to prevent the shut off altogether. Thanks to everyone who made a purchase and if you haven't then please do... every little bit helps.
Today was not particularly eventful, since it was cleaning day so I was pretty much stuck at inside. Tomorrow is interesting though, we are having a field trip to the zoo and a picnic. Apparently they are fumigating for bedbugs...good luck with that LOL. Speaking of zoos, there was an article in the paper about an elephant which Zoo Watch wants to have relocated from her current zoo. Zoo Watch wants to garner public support for this move with a huge ad campaign, bus boards, billboards, newspapers etc. The ads reads, "Isolation & record cold winter on the way...hasn't she suffered enough." My mind immediately goes to the half dozen or more street people inhabiting doorways during the night, in this neighbourhood alone. And those who stay in the night programs, where the building is closed during the day. I'm imagining the grazing (walking from agency to agency to get to the next meal) we do now, being done in subzero temperatures. And what of the cart people, could you even push a cart through 6" of snow... will they just abandon everything they have. I realize these are street people and we are doing everything we can to keep them safe. But resources would not be so over burdened if we were proactive about helping Habitat for Humanity to create affordable housing. Get the working poor out of the shelters so we can focus resources on the street people who truly need them. As for the elephant I don't know enough about the topic to weigh in.
OK that was more like 3 small rants... and I thought I'd have nothing to share with you today. Thx for listening have a joyous day tomorrow ttyl.

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