Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Edwin Tuts: one man's journey

May 11, 2010

Good Morning... when I opened my email today I found that Edwin had sent me a note including this video about his story. Since he has chosen to go public with his story I feel free to share my story about our meeting.
Last summer I was living at the WEAC (Women's Emergency Accommodation Centre) in Edmonton. I spent many days in Churchill Square, centrally located, it is a very popular park on the City Hall property frequented by residents and homeless alike). Because this park is central I would take most of my meals at the Hope Mission. There were always lots of people, making Hope a great venue for meeting, greeting and catching up with old friends.
One morning, I was walking the block, killing time when I met two of the kitchen volunteers who had come outside for a smoke. At first they assumed I was there to volunteer... I explained I was just waiting for the lunch line to start. As the conversation unfolded, both gentlemen expressed the need for studio space. I spoke a bit about the studio / gallery at the DI and inquired about their mediums. One was a carver the other a painter. Edwin then told me that he had at one time been a prominant Canadian artist and invited me to "google him". I, of coarse, had to ask how he ended up in a shelter... The story is not entirely uncommon, a talented, sensitive person is hit by some emotional difficulties and what was a recreation becomes an escape and ultimately a trap. Addiction took over Edwin's life and took everything he had (at least financially). By the time I met Edwin he was well into the Christian based rehab program at Hope Mission. Now I am so happy to be able to share with you his story. A testament to the journey of one man in reclaiming his life from the streets. We can't look at any homeless person and honestly believe we KNOW who they truly are, how they came to be here or where they might end up.
If you can attend the showing please do ... and spead the word.
Edwin says, "You are invited to See some masterpieces of art by some great artists! Tell all your friends and tell them to tell their friends!!! See you there Thanks Edwin Tuts".
Event: "Art for the Heart of Edmonton" Saturday, May 22
10:00am - 6:00pm The "Immigration Hall Bldg."
10534-100 street

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  1. I like this! Thank you very much! Edwin