Friday, April 22, 2011

Spring is Sprung

Easter weekend and I have a few days off … so Happy Easter weekend everyone and enjoy whatever down time this allows you.
Yesterday a man was standing on the street corner handing out a 500 word essay reminding people that Easter is about Jesus NOT about eggs and bunnies. I didn’t have the heart to tell him, that it was about eggs and bunnies … long before we (western Europeans / Christians) hijacked the holiday for our own use. The Christians whom I know have mixed feelings about the holiday. Some take it as a commemoration of Jesus’ death and it is for them, a time of sadness and remembrance. For others it is focused on the empty tomb/ the resurrection and Easter is therefore a time of great joy. The promise of resurrection and eternal life is probably the most significant doctrine in Christendom. It is pretty much the one constant through the thousands of divisions within Christianity… for all the disagreement of organized religion, death, rebirth and resurrection / ascension (physically or metaphysically) are agreed upon by all Christian churches.
Personally I’m an old-fashioned girl; I like the bunnies, the chocolate eggs, and celebration of the awakening and fertility of the coming spring. Yes, I will attend church, but that is less a custom in my world then the watching of Jesus Christ Superstar, which I do every Easter.
Traditions are important, ritual and celebration have their place in our lives and in our culture; but nothing is more important than the way we live day to day. Walk the Talk. So whether you are celebrating the resurgence of life from nature or the resurrection of Jesus from the tomb; have a joyous Easter and a bountiful year ahead.