Sunday, July 7, 2013

Partnerships for Prosperity

Thanks to my lovely friend, Brenda, I am able to watch video on my computer againJ . So I watched installment 3 of the 8th FIRE series by CBC, not as uplifting as the previous episode but it was still very informative and positive about the future of Canada. It is titled, “Whose Land is It Anyway”.  It shows us models of good and bad faith economic development as it impacts our Native Brothers and Sisters. I used to be smug about Canada’s diamond industry (no blood diamonds here) but DeBeers is an example of old school bottom-line business practices which no longer fit contemporary models of corporate citizenship. These kinds of businesses will evolve eventually or die out… just as the auto industry is changing and pulp & papermakers moved into recycled products; so too other industries will need to become civically responsible members of the global /local community.

The Native model of custodial responsibility fits very nicely with the emerging corporate consciousness. The documentary shows us very clear examples of how incredibly successful collaborations between established industries and Native bands have actually been. NO GOVERNMENT INTEREFERENCE REQUIRED.  When Natives are taken into the process as a fully participating partner amazing things can happen. The old model of worry only about this quarter’s stock report (or this 4 year term in political office) is being rejected by the current and coming generations. We want to know, “What is your legacy?” By focusing our business activities (as Natives do) on the next 7 generations we can create long-term sustainable prosperity for all.  

This is one of those times when spiritualism meets advocacy, so this post will appear on both of my blog sites today. If you haven’t done so I urge you to watch the whole 8th FIRE series (don’t let the 1st one put you off) they are well worth the time.

Have a joyous day.