Thursday, November 29, 2012

Forever Forward

This week I discovered that due to some radical upgrade at my current web-server the Angels of the Road .com site is “static” I will never be able to edit or add to those pages again. I won’t remove the site; at least not until the domain name expires next August… then it will depend on the kind of traffic it still has.  Good news is I will be able to continue posting on the blog-site, for those of you following my Report of Findings, the last few segments will publish here. I will never stop working with the homeless or caring about social justice so I suspect this blog will continue for a long time to come. In January I am moving to Victoria B.C. where I will find work, settle down and someday soon start a centre for spiritual healing. I don't know how any of this will come about, no friends, no job (I know where I will work just have to convince them they want me),  no place to stay ...sometimes all you have is faith ;-) and this time has to be enough.   
Angels of the Road was not only a physical experience but a profoundly spiritual on as well. I have come to understand that we are first and forever spiritual beings and that our fleshly existence is a vehicle for each soul to experience, interact and grow our spirit.  
The past two years while living in Ontario I have been on a quest to grow my own awareness and understanding of higher orders of consciousness… not sure I am expressing this well. There are many methods by which we can increase control over our physical (health, wealth, relationships) existence and increase our understanding of (and access to) our spiritual (love, wisdom, peace, joy) existence. As I wandered through the maze of gurus, coaches, teachers, prophets and practitioners gleaning what information I could; I noticed something… as with so much in our world money was an issue. Think of this market place of seekers like a Costco…. some sellers tell you about their cookies and ask you to buy some (probably at some allegedly deeply discounted price) others will give a eighth of a cookie hoping the taste will entice you to buy some. The best of these people give you a whole cookie of your very own. It is business like any other business.
Don’t get me wrong I do not begrudge people making money…especially spiritual people and life coaches. At the very least they are adding something of true value into the world. Teaching people how to be better people have better lives, experience more peace, love and joy; ultimately as each person’s life becomes better the people in their life become better for it…So keep up the good work.
But as usual I believe in equality for all people regardless of means. The tools and knowledge for a better, more spiritual existence should be available to everyone…so in a few weeks I’ll be launching a new website to share everything I learned (or will learn) during my own spiritual journey.
Watch for it, Spirit of the 8th Fire ! Have a joyous day my friends.