Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Twists & Turns

Hi Everyone
I guess I should start by apologizing to all my online friends. Every time I edit so much as a comma on the Spirit of the 8th Fire website, Weebly sends a notice to Facebook and Twitter. So often 4 or 5 of those things will pop up in quick succession, I’m not nagging it is just an auto feature LOL. For the past couple of weeks I have been suffering from what I thought was writer’s block, no matter how many times I started the blog on Bravery for Spirit of the 8th Fire I couldn’t seem to make any progress.  This morning I finally finished it and now I am sharing this blog with you.
What was really happening was that I was distracted (not in a good way) by my life circumstances.  As most of you know I have not had a job in the shelter industry since leaving for Angels of the Road in 2009. Now that I am applying to return to work I have discovered the industry is moving into specialization and even; very talented generalists like myself are challenged to find a place to fit into this new paradigm.  Do I go back to school and acquire a certification in one of the counseling streams? Or do I keep knocking on doors hoping there is still one agency who still values loving service to our clients. If I was 40 this would not be a question, definitely adapt to the new model and get certified.  There is also the option of taking my considerable gifts for communication, empathy and negotiation into others fields… maybe get back into divorce counseling/mediation.  Twenty years ago when I started my practice no one (too few people) saw the value of providing psychological counseling with the settlement process for property &/or custody; but that seems to be changing.  
Now that I am in my 60s there are other options. Early retirement would not provide well, but it would be a consistent income and keep a roof over my head.  I would then be free to write my books &/or build The Spirit of the 8th Fire Healing Centre.  I can always serve in the shelter industry through volunteering… for me that has never been about the money.
This is my time for bravery (as discussed in the other blog)… to trust that the universe is unfolding in a way which serves my highest and best good. To keep faith and enjoy the lessons which come to me, from each new experience.  I have said it before happiness is a choice. Was I disappointed by the news that I did not get the job? Yes; but I was grateful that Kevin (HR guy) took the time to call and explain, why. So after taking a little time to acknowledge my disappointment and confusion (remember I felt “called” to move to Victoria) I have now opened my heart and mind to possibility. I choose to be happy, and watch in awesome wonder as my future unfolds.   

Have a joyous day.