Thursday, September 16, 2010


It has happened .... after more then a year of communal living, I have a cold that is going around. Full blown, the aches and pains, stuffy head and dry coughing awake all night. Went to the tiny little drug store up the street and picked up some cold tablets... their generics are the same price as at Walmart. Having a little trouble thinking of something to write now that I'm "into drugs" LOL.
One important tip for police departments everywhere. If the drunk or druggie you pickup is so out of control, you have to cuff them... they are too out of control to be managed by staff at a shelter. So keep them in jail for a few hours until they can settle down. The girl brought in last night (by 3 police officer) assaulted 2 clients and a staff before the police could come back and remove her. What a waste of everyone's time and energy. Police, shelter, homeless relations differ from city to city. The best examples I have come across were in Vancouver's DTES and in Edmonton Alberta. There the police seemed to be working with the shelters to keep clients and the population safe. Enough on that for now.
As for my confusion about the future thing are starting to clear. Still evolving slowly, I now have a concrete time line to work with. It is feeding time at the zoo so I must go line up for what gourmet delights await. Have a joyous day.

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