Saturday, July 10, 2010

All that and Alligators too

When I was little, my Granny had this story about a little kid when she was in school. The boy had drawn a picture of a man who had fallen from an tree, broke his leg, lost his food and was surrounded by alligators. The teacher's response was,"All that and alligators too". So from then on when a person was having a bad time of it, when just one too many things had gone wrong, we would say ...all that and alligators too.
Today is my day for alligators... I have had another mishap with my modem, I may have mentioned the first incident last winter. Anyway that left it a bit battered but still functional, however today it was bent in the other direction. It is now dangling haplessly from the side of my computer, I fear when I finally remove it today, it will completely fall apart and be entirely unusable. So tonight I will call my service provider and see if I can strike some kind of deal for replacement. $150 for a new modem is an alligator that I have to avoid.
As I explained a few weeks ago, I have to rethink how this journey is going to play out. Let's face it homelessness is not as popular an issue as furry little baby seals. Although, Angels of the Road has generated some curiosity, it has not generated any serious funding. In a way that is good because at the end of all this, I cannot be accused of skewing my findings to accommodate, my financial backers. See there's that silver lining thingy again LOL. On the down side I am going to have to take a hiatus from my journey to work so I can save up the $5,000 I need to cover expenses for the next year. Initially (last month at this time) I thought I could travel until November then stay with my daughter for 4 months while I worked winter response there (winter response is when most cities provide shelters with extra funding to add beds and staff during the cold weather). But, my stay in "the city with NO shelters" tapped almost all my resources. So I am applying for jobs in the area where I am currently staying, just to get bus fare to the next town. This means it will take much longer before I finish visiting all of Canada.
Last week I found a pamphlet on successful hitch-hiking I read all the instructions about how to dress and everything, the I came to rule #12 "Ladies, NEVER ever hitch hike". So to my critics who would suggest this option...sorry , can't keep blogging if I'm dead, and you know you would miss me ;-).
I don't know if you are interested in these little personal struggle missives... but it is all part of my journey. And the blog is for sharing.... Good, Bad et al. Have a joyous week... hope I can get back to you soon.


  1. Ladies can hitch, just A)dont shower for a long time B)Carry Bear Mace C)Bring a Dog
    And be friendly, the one thing that takes potential baddies aback is kindness and openness.

    As for saving moneys, dont worry about it. I'll advertise your site. We should see some more hits in a few weeks.


  2. Thx for the support.. if you know any way to turn hits into dollars let me know ;-) If I had a $1 for every hit that would be $20 a day or $600 a month...more then enough to stay on the road with my angels.
    have a joyous day.