Friday, January 13, 2012

Lost Innocents

         Last week a young woman died in an apartment in Toronto. Her passing went un-noticed by the media; she wasn’t a celebrity like Amy or Kurt. There will be no magazine articles detailing (or speculating about) the circumstances of her death. She won’t be remembered by the public like John Belushi or Judy Garland.
         Those who knew Starleigh… will remember. Her mother remembers the warmth of that tiny little body when she held her baby girl in her arms for the first time. Her father remembers helping her take her first wobbling steps, her tiny little hands wrapped securely around his fingers.  They remember a little girl whose eyes brightened with excitement at the prospect of birthday cakes, Christmas lights and new Barbie dolls. They remember a little girl with a heart full of curiosity and wonder as she discovered the world. From her first days at school to her first dates with boys… very ordinary moments from a very ordinary life… all worth remembering.
         Every human-being starts life as an innocent beautiful child. Every family who has lost a child to addiction clings to the hope that one day they will get well and return to them. Last week, for Starleigh’s family hope died in an apartment in Toronto. The hope that she would be able to watch her beautiful daughter graduate, or walk down the aisle. The hope that she would watch her little ones’ eye brighten at the sight of Christmas lights. That she would be around to sing silly songs and teach them how to ride a bike. The hope that she would one day be ordinary again.
         Starleigh… you left too soon. But you are remembered, you are loved and yes… your life mattered.

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