Friday, December 7, 2012

Creating something new

Well the past week has been all about building and launching my new website... Spirit of the 8th Fire.  In the 7 Fires prophecies of the Native people ...the 8th Fire is a time when humankind will unite and the energy of that time of brotherhood & sisterhood will bring healing to the earth.
The new site is for everyone wishing to become better, both in their phsyical existence and in their connection to their spirit self (which is already divine and perfect). I want everyone to have the tools and opportunity of moving forward into a better life.... A life filled with love, joy, peace and abundance.
The website is a work in progress so feel free to share your thoughts, advice, observation (spelling etc) and suggestions. I will copy this to that blog page so you have a place to leave your constructive input. Thank you sooo much. Have a joyous day.

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