Wednesday, October 14, 2009

one day at a time

October 14, 2009
Well today was my first foyer into the world of agency bureaucracy in my new province. Everyone was friendly supportive and open, just like in the last city. That is not to say I would qualify for help, and I wouldn't be able to accept it, if I did qualify. The ready, willing and able to work full-time would be a NO. I doubt I could work any more then part-time any more anyway. My bad knee has gotten increasing worse over the past several months. Walking for just a couple hours puts me in serious pain (like a stabbing that won't quit) anyway I plan to talk to a Doctor next Wednesday. If it is something treatable sooner is better then later. There is a lot of walking and standing in the homeless life and that will only increase when I get into large centres again. Guess I better take care of my health out here... two years from now I'll need to get back to real life (and probably a desk job LOL).
Tomorrow I'm going on a little bus adventure... to the other side of the city. I'll see if there are any soup kitchens over there, give myself a chance to meet some new people from the homeless population. I'll let all ya'll know how that goes. ttyl

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