Friday, October 16, 2009

Nothing New

October 15, 2009
One of those nights with nothing new to talk about, spent the day in round two of bureaucratic relay. Basically picking up and dropping documents to various offices as requested. But for the peace of mind of my beautiful baby girl, I must post something everyday. The shelter I am staying in has a rule against cell phones so I am limited to when I can make calls and often I don't get a call out to the kids.
This facility searches us on our way into the building every time I assume to insure no contraband is smuggled in. They also search us on our way out...possibly fearing we will smuggle meat out to the other street people lol. No perfume, no outside food or drink, every new thing you bring back even if purchased at a department store must be washed or disinfected. No bugs in this place, woohoo.
Can't believe nothing on the news has ticked me off enough to launch a rant. Sorry I'm so boring these days. night all ttyl

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