Thursday, April 8, 2010

Music to My Ears

April 7, 2010
Tonight I attended a free blues concert at the Carnegie Community Centre. My first cultural outing since the Fire Hall Arts Centre offered its pay what you can matinee last month. If you have a chance to see “Where the Blood Mixes” it is a must see play. It deals with the issues surrounding residential schools… without beating you over the head. The play is well written, provocative, and has an amazing integration of music and lighting effects. I give it 5.5 stars out of 5… lol. That’s my review for this week.
In most of the cities I have visited there are many places for the homeless to eat. Art, literature, music and theatre is the food of the soul. Very few places consider the need to include everyone in that part of our community. Given the level of cutback in support for the arts one can understand how venues would be reluctant to give–up tickets which could garner revenue. There are two things you may or may not yet know about me. I always try to be sensitive to both sides in a situation and I never criticize unless I can offer a viable alternative. So I would ask that, if you have influence with the arts in your community try something along these lines. Choose a drop-in center which is popular with the homeless the D.I. in Calgary, the Bissell in Edmonton, or Evelyn Saller in Vancouver, are examples. If you don’t know the best option for your town call around to people working in the shelter industry, they will be able to suggest a place. Give that agency authorization to issue “STANDBY PASSES” a computer printed coupon which would allow the holder to access an event at one of the participating venues. By taking the coupon to the venue 30 minutes before curtain (if there are still empty seats) the pass holder is given admittance. The issuing agency will ensure the pass is given to a client with financial need. It costs the participating venues NOTHING and opens a world of culture to the greater community. It is time we removed all the barriers in our society, including those created money or a lack there of.

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