Sunday, July 19, 2009


July 19, 2009
There is a new poem in the "Various Artists" section under the POETRY & FICTION tab. I am adding the new poetry to the top so you don't have to scroll through things you have already read to find new works. This particular poem speaks to a very harsh was difficult for me to listen to, when Hank read it to me the first time. And I found it equally difficult to transcribe for you. To know this sweet young man has had to struggle with such pain and confusion in his short life breaks my heart. A poem like this could be an anthem for street people... there is so much hopelessness out here.
If there were only one thing I could wish for the people I encounter on my journey it would be the knowledge that ever new day is a new beginning. A chance to do one thing differently, a chance to change one moment, and thus change the outcome of that moment. No matter how weak we may feel or even be... we have power, in each second of life to control how we respond in that second. It need not be a big victory, the choice to smile, not scowel. Ignore a rude comment or say," you have a nice day anyway". The choice to be grateful for one more day, one more breath, one more chance, to have one moment be different then the ten thousand moments that passed before. Don't ask for the strength to change it conquer your world. Just enough strength to change one moment, enough power to act... not react. A moment to claim as your one small personal victory.

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