Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Part 2

July 15, 2009
Had coffee with Judy and Al this morning really nice people "authentic" They are the kind of people that give Christianity a good name. They walk the talk, no hypocrisy... I think all the delays in getting me here were so I would have a chance to meet these lovely people.
About my visit to "the Institution" as the locals call it. The prison is located a few miles out of town the walk is about 40 minutes for me, 20 minutes for everyone else, and 10 minutes if your an inmate on the lam. LOL The walk is down hill going out and a very long uphill coming back.
Each visit is 3hrs, no Plexiglas and dirty phones. You can sit at table, touch each other and there is a courtyard where we sat outside and enjoyed the sunshine. We talked of many things, philosophical & personal. Visits are 3 hrs long and I was able to book 2 for tomorrow and 2 for Friday. Saturday I will head back to my journey... renewed by the break in tension and the fresh mountain air.

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  1. You're the only person I know who counts visiting a prison for a few days a "break". :0)