Tuesday, July 7, 2009

On my list of bad ideas

July 6,2009
Well to begin with the weather took a turn for the worse, preempting any foolish plans I had for outdoor drying of laundry. Thinking about it in the light of day I realized that 1/ the fence is probably dirty and 2/the parks inhabitants would probably be grabbing anything they thought would fit. Now if I got a gun and shot a few I'd likely get fined for hunting homeless out of season... or at the very least illegal baiting of homeless.
The lady who was going to take me to the day labour office came down with a sore throat so we couldn't go. Just as well since we have an elderly lady with dementia who kept dropping by our room all night to visit my room-mate. So I was blessed with maybe (cumulatively) 3 hours sleep. Can't get to mad at her, poor thing really has no idea what she is doing.
Tired of being broke I took my tarot cards downtown, but still didn't have the nerve to solicit anyone. I was talking with a young woman about my dilemma and she suggested a particular park the has a lot of foot traffic. Maybe when the weather gets nice again I'll give that a try. Had lunch at the mission where my friend Craige said he wanted to marry me LOL. It's a step up from the offers I was getting at my last port-o-call. I stopped at the clothing depot and was able to pick-up a clean change of clothes. It will be 2-3 days before I can do laundry. To book an appointment I have to be at the drop-in by 6:30 tomorrow morning. Speaking of which I should grab what sleep I can before visitation start again. good night everyone..;-)