Friday, July 24, 2009

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July 24,2009
This is wonderful up to 22 hits today...I love you guysss rr thu beshtt guyssss. O.K. I really haven't been drinking ;-) My daughter tells me that the counter counts IP addresses, so that means 490 different computers have viewed our site. I used to worry that I was the only person who thought the shelter industry needed changing. But I've never been one to criticize unless I could offer up an alternative solution. So Angels of the Road is in large part about finding those alternatives. Let's face it, homeless people are not as cute as baby seals... and ironically I'm trying to make homelessness extinct. I did try to bring in the baby seals, on a tweet (twitter site) the other day, but nobody was believing it. The issue of homelessness effects every person in North America, billions of dollars are spent annually on services, which merely sustain existence. The growing tide of homelessness has become a tsunami... for the reasons you will find under the "WHAT I HAVE LEARNED SO FAR." tab, back on the website. So what is it that we need to do differently to effect real and lasting change? That question does not yet have an answer, but I am willing to take the time necessary to find out. I have good health (for someone my age) and I have made this research my focus for the next few years with the sometimes reluctant support of my beloved children. I will happily share my findings with an academic (person or agency) that brings funding to the table. Living homeless may be cheap, but research does have costs... If I had a dollar for every hit on this website I would be able to stop stressing about keeping my phone turned on or getting a ticket to the next town. Wow... it would be so cool to just focus on the project. This wasn't my intended topic for tonight... But that's what happens when the bills go past due and you haven't got an actual pay check to rely on. You get distracted easily. So please visit the "TO DONATE" tab ... right now I need any help you can offer. My own funds are gone and the initial donations will run out before this month expenses are covered. Thank you for your support (spiritual as well as financial) and bless you for caring about Angels of the Road. Tomorrow I promise "KID STUFF" ;-)

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