Tuesday, August 10, 2010

2nd shortest blog in history.

The shortest blog was when I broke my internet stick... but I only have a few minutes so this will be pretty short and sweet too. As you all may know I have launched another "fund raising" campaign. Mini Dream Catchers buy 2 get 1 free and no charge for shipping. Makes a unique stocking stuffer...anyway just wanted to let you know that is going well, 8 more sales and we will have the travel expenses covered. Thx to you who have ordered and if you haven't yet order here.
This journey is all about learning and here I have learned a very valuable lesson. I have learn how easily you can lose your personal integrity... if you are not vigilant at all times. If you are familiar with Maslow's hierarchy of needs you know that moral needs are superseded by spiritual, social, and survival needs in that order. In this place my survival needs are met, but because my social environment is in many ways hostile it has had the effect of eroding my view of who I am. It would be far too easy to treat people the way they treat me (and everyone else). I have to remind myself constantly of the golden rule. As I told my young friend last week, "We have only two purposes in this life,to learn what we can and to teach what we know". We learn by experience and we teach by example. I hope I can always meet the day with honour, humour and humanity and be a good example. I will have to ponder for a while on what I have learned here and how we can use that information to help the system evolve and cause less damage to a person's integrity.
Have a joyous day... and take a minute to be grateful for the experiences that you have and example that you are in your life and your world.

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