Saturday, August 14, 2010

Both ways now..

Now that the end of this stay is in sight I am a bit more relaxed and can examine the experience with some objectivity. I'm looking forward to my new location where I am persuing some possible job opportunities. I will settle down there for awhile...get a place and save some money to finance the rest of the trip. Good Lord willin' and the criks don't my granny used to say. As always my plans are merely is up to the universe (God) what will actually happen.
As with all my stops, there are a few people here whom I will miss very much. The first person I met when I arrived at this shelter was Heather. A petite middleaged lady with an indominable spirit, quick wit and much patience for all the foolishness and drama of this place. Her I will definitely miss. Then there is Jessica...a slender redheaded girl with an artist's soul. Something of a flowerchild, I can't help but think she would be happier in the Kootaneys or Vancouver's DTES. Also I will miss the young girls; Madison, Bianca,& Melissa...they are all sweet, fun people. God forbid they should be in this life so long as to become like so many others.
And then there is my new friend Carol, I will miss our talks and time just spent in her company...but thankfully she and I will stay in touch... our time together is not done.
I have met some good people and learned some valuable lessons about homelessness and about myself. But I am still very glad to be moving forward. Everything passes, the bad and the good. So wait out the bad and take whatever lessons the experience may offer and embrace the good and charish the memory when it is gone. Have a joyous day my friends. ttyl

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