Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Plan #B

It is actually important to have a plan #B. Too often I have seen people encounter disappointment then, make some really bad decisions in reaction. It has been 2 business days since competition for a job I very much wanted, closed. I am beginning to suspect I will not be given the position. This is sad on many levels...
Do I have the qualification? YES, in triplicate. Am I willing to accept the entry level wage being offered? YES, for me this job is about who I would be working with. The position is temporary...perfect for Angels of the Road, I was only planning to work til spring anyway. The job is part-time... given my standard of living over the past year I can be comfortable with very little income. This position suits me fine and more importantly... I suit this position perfectly. The great disappointment for me will be not having an opportunity to work in this environment ...with this crew of people. They represent the very best the shelter industry has to offer. As did many of the people I worked with at the DI.... some like myself, have moved to other projects and other agencies. I honestly do not know where Angels of the Road will ultimately lead me, I am confident however it will be where the Creator wants me to be. That is of coarse what faith is all about. So I guess that is my plan #B... to trust that if I don't get this job it is because I am supposed to be somewhere else, doing something else this winter.
One's faith no matter the discipline (Christian, Buddhist, Humanist etc etc) should keep you grounded and true to your authentic self... knowing that no matter what unfolds as long as you don't (fold) everything will turn out o.k. in the end. I have met so many people who claim to find Christianity in rehab and/or prison but can't follow 10 little commandments once they hit the streets again. Every religion has a version of the Golden Rule, "Do unto others as you would have others do unto you" Christianity is good but it is not the answer for everyone... find a spiritual truth the echos from your own heart. When you can stand solidly in your relationship with God ,the universe and your fellow man (gender neutral) you will have found the right expression of faith for yourself. Then you will always have a plan #B just have faith (trust).

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