Tuesday, September 1, 2009

The Quiet Life

August 31,2009
Had a terrible time falling asleep last night... only slept about 3 hours. My bedroom is absolutely dark and totally quiet. Consciously I consider that as a good thing. Apparently my subconscious is missing the sounds of city centre. Cursing hookers, screaming drunks & the sirens of police and ambulance.
Went by the D.I. today, it was like old home week. Lots of people I knew. Even one of the boys I had been expecting to find in Edmonton was back in Calgary for a one day visit and we ran into each other. Then as I was leaving the area to go for coffee with my friend, I ran into a young man I haven't seen since February 2008. My business will be wrapped up tomorrow. And I will seek some advice on applying for our NFP status.
Have to pace myself on the visiting. So many people so little time LOL. Can't wait to spend some time with everyone.


  1. I was at work this afternoon, guess we missed each other. Glad you had a good visit though.

    Also I'm utterly cityfied, I love the siren call urban jungle sounds! Now crickets, crickets are creepy.

  2. Sorry bout that catch you later in the week