Monday, September 21, 2009

Kash & Karma

September 21, 2009
When I was in Edmonton I confided in one of the Bissell Centre employees about Angels of the Road. He told me that he had tremendous respect for me because, "you put your money where your mouth is". I thought that was a figurative reference, another way of saying I walk the talk.
I didn't give the financial cost of under taking this mission any serious thought. I just knew that learning about homelessness in real terms (not just as statistics) is the first step to real change for our communities. Setting aside lost earnings of $38,688 per year plus 3% ($1,160) for the 2 years Angels of the Road will be gathering research... I have spent every cent I left work with, and donations which totalled $280...and I have accumulated $810 in debt. So my friend in Edmonton was right, I have put my money where my mouth is.
Now I have to ask you to PLEASE do the same, I need your help, at this moment I have only the $100 necessary to get a Greyhound ticket to the next stop in our journey. Yes this is our journey, everything I learn on the road I share with you. You learn what I learn about homelessness without having to sleep on dorm matts, stand in line for food, or get off a bus with no idea where you'll end up; while carrying everything you need to survive on your back.
A donation as small as $5 from each of you would provide enough funding to carry Angels of the Road through the first year.
I have checked with my expert and research projects such as this do not qualify for charitable status. So, sorry there are still no tax receipts. This is still a Kash for Karma rewards program. Thanks for your help. ;-)


  1. You need to find Masters/PhD. Student so you two can get funding! Any Students out there wanna deal with the data? It'd make a great Thesis!

  2. Until, then you need donations! :)