Tuesday, September 15, 2009

59% ...Solution?

September 15, 2009
Global news carried a story today (news at noon) which stated that 59% of Canadians would be in serious financial trouble if their pay was delayed by even 1 week . This is a statistic that shocks even me... One man said if he missed 2 days pay he would have trouble recovering. The money management experts say everyone should have 3 months expenses set aside in case of emergency (like unemployment). There was a time when we had 10% of our income to put in the bank. But today when working class people are spending 60% of their income just to cover rent/mortgage there is NOTHING left for extras (like a savings account). Our quality of life has been reduced to mere survival. The fact that this applies to almost 60% of Canadians is truly sad and even scary. Another time, another place and this would be the foundations for a revolution.
Modern humans tend to isolate, we believe no one has loved like we love, no one knows our pain, no one can understand what we are going through. Once we open ourselves up to the possibility, we find we are not alone. That is what support groups are made of. There is not only comfort, but strength in joining with others who share our experience of a situation. Perhaps you have blamed yourself for your financial struggles...If I managed my money better ...If I could just get a better job...earn more...get more hours. Stop blaming yourself, your situation has transcended into NORMAL...59% of the population knows exactly what you are going through. The only solution to restoring the quality of life in this country is AFFORDABLE HOUSING, shelter that cost no more then 35% of one's income. With 59% of the population on the verge of losing everything the other 41% might want to get on board with promoting affordable housing initiatives (my favourite is Habitat for Humanity). To understand how we got to this position I suggest reading my essay "A Brief History of Economics" under the WHAT I HAVE LEARNED SO FAR tab at www.angelsoftheroad.com.


  1. I think this also comes with media influence... especially American TV... Shows like Oprah, Dr. Phil, etc. All show that those people who are "successful" are those that can save, have money, have a house, have a career that makes good money etc. When people are brainwashed into believing that they dont talk about it, otherwise they are a "failure" no one wants to admit it... let alone talk about it... let alone start a revolution. How do we speak up when in a day and age when technology allows us more freedom of speech then ever before, we don't do it. We are ashamed. Simple as that.

    Really good post

  2. Hopefully knowing that "failure" is now the norm 59% of Canadians can stop being ashamed and speak up....Bonny