Sunday, July 19, 2009

First ride in a Big Rig

July 18, 2009
I am tucked away in a new bed at my old shelter. Again I am sharing with a senior lady...which is nice, makes me feel like the young kid on the block. Well today's first was trying my hand at hitch-hiking. Al dropped me off around 9:30 at the highway leaving Grande Cache...after about an hour I was picked-up by a nice young man in a big old semi truck. It seems he was carrying a karmic debt from the night before and saw me as a chance to balance things out. I took another run at hitch-hiking when I got to Hinton, but didn't have any luck. Basically it is not my forte, so I am resolved to go only to those places I can access through the greyhound or similar services.
There new donors on the list tonight...thanks so much for helping. It is the generosity of caring people like these that keeps Angels of the Road on the road.

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