Saturday, July 25, 2009

kid stuff...REALLY

July 25, 2009
Being homeless has many similarities to life in the civilian world. In the civilian world you get up, drop the kids at school / daycare, then go to your work place. At particular times during the day you eat... chat with co-workers, seek out individuals who will be able to enhance your knowledge or enjoyment of the day. In the evening you will watch television, take in a movie or the occasional concert. Your day is routine but different from the day of other civilians.
The world of the homeless mirrors that in many ways, we get up and go through a series of activities to sustain our existence in much the same way as the civilian goes to work. My daily "work" is different from that of my housemates, each of whom differs from each other. But for each of us every day is repeating over and over in endless drudgery; not unlike working 50 weeks a year as a civilian. So just like you, homeless people need a break from the daily grind. Enter "HOMELESS SUMMER CAMP" I had never heard of such a thing before, each one is only a few days long. Just to be able, for a few days to leave the heat and stench of the city behind...not to mention the drama that is my residence. The drop-in centre I go to runs 5 of these camps a year...themed mental health, family, adult, native (just missed that one) and arts & crafts (which I am attending next week). I'm so excited I haven't been to camp since I was a kid.
Something else I haven't done since I was a kid is gone to the wading pool.Right in the center of this city is a huge fountain and on hot days everyone comes downtown and plays in the water. Every age, every race, every socio-economic strata...all looking pretty much the same when wet, LOL. For me, it is fun to watch the young families; children and parents, laughing and splashing... just enjoying this moment. Everyone starts out life as a child... innocent, uncomplicated, fearless, smart and beautiful. Gifted by God with everything they need to be healthy, strong and happy. If only we could hold onto that for our lifetime... if we could learn to hold onto that inner child. To once again be fearless and joyous and live in this moment.

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