Tuesday, July 21, 2009


July 21,2009
I stayed close to the shelter today... still worried about my troubled young friend and the tension he is causing within my family. I guess the most pertinent topic for today would be helplessness. I am hundreds of miles from home... my daughter is justifiably upset and all I can do for her is to listen while she vents her frustration. Although I completely sympathize with her position, she was victimized by this young man's thoughtless, selfish, stupid actions. However none of that alleviates my fear for his safety. He is reckless and self destructive when he is drunk... the police will ultimately take him into custody. When that happens it can be easy or harsh depending on the level of impairment my friend is under. I pray (literally) that he will sober up at turn himself over to the authorities without incident. But all I can do is pray and I am somewhat cynical about the power of prayer at the best of times. Also I am of little help to his wife... who is dealing with her own concerns for the future. Three little kids, one on the way and no family in the city to help her. Literally I am torn today, my body is here but my heart and mind are back home. Even if I returned, I would not be able to do anything useful at this point in time... All any of us can do is wait for the unfolding of events. Reaction is a very helpless feeling for those of us accustomed to action.

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