Saturday, July 4, 2009

Memories of Hank Williams

July 4,2009
Happy Insurrection Day to all my American friends LOL. That said my twitter addiction is out of control. I may have to seek out a 12 step program...Partly it is really fun. I know John Larroquette isn't going to respond to my texts, but his and other peoples comments are interesting and funny. Some people do nothing but peddle, so after a while I take them off. And I remove the porn right away. It is always some naked young woman...if it was some hot half dress young Native man I would do the same..maybe..I'm thinking.
I am surprised to find myself struggling with a bit of depression. It can get somewhat lonesome out here, not for lack of people. But for a lack of connections with anybody. I can't really be up front with everyone I meet because I want to be treated just like everyone else in the homeless population. Went to brunch with a student I met from McKewn, Laura is a charming girl with her whole world ahead of her. We met a very bright young man at brunch today...we had a marvelous conversation about religion, recovery and such things. These conversations are rare and treasured. Research, indicates that excessive drug and alcohol use stunts emotion and social growth. Many street people started down this road as adolescent and are stuck in a 7th grade mindset. Now you throw in the schizophrenics, manic-depressives, and senile. You can see why it might be difficult to find good conversation. Also the place where I'm staying has alot of (understandably) just bitter women and this entire mix is PMSing at the same time LOL. I hang out alone with my computer when I have to be inside. But thank you all for visiting the blog site, as the numbers on the hit counter go up, I feel less alone out here.

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