Friday, July 24, 2009

Just a little blog blip

July 23, 2009
Sorry about the unblogging yesterday had a little blip accessing the google blogger site...all good now. Today was a lock out day... which means we must amuse ourselves from 9 am - 4:30pm really not too bad; the dorms at the DI are closed from 6 am - 7 pm. Which may or may not be the case any more. The only thing constant at the D.I. is change. LOL When I went to the drop-in this morning to kill some time until lunch, the police had the next block taped off. Apparently a young person (rumour is female) was killed in a machete attack. I hope it isn't one of our girls. Haven't noticed anyone missing. A wise man once said,"The only thing worth killing for is the thing worth dying for." This is grounded in the principle of universalism, any right we claim for our self we must be willing to extend to everyone else. The only thing I would be willing to die for is to protect another human life...sorry Sparky. Therefore the only thing valuable enough to warrant killing for is to protect another. If every pissed off person asked them self "would I be willing to die for this?"...before they took some one's life maybe we would see less death, and more lawsuits. Words are not worth dying over. Kipling said "if neither foe nor loving friend can hurt you..." Why would you give a crap about the opinion of someone you consider an enemy, and if a friend hurts you it is unintentional, tell them their remarks wounded you, accept their apology and move on. Life is far too short to sweat/or bleed over the small stuff.
For those of you following the saga of my young felon friend, no I have not as yet heard from or about the boy. But I have resigned myself to the reality that I can do nothing about it, and I will just have to wait for word. So I am now back focusing on the task at hand. There is a common prayer that says" God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change....The courage to change the things I can....And the wisdom to know the difference." At this moment I can't change the boy's situation (even if I was in Calgary)... I can change my own stress over it. Accepting those 2 small facts is the wisdom of knowing. Besides I have more important issues...Ronnie was in charge of paying my phone bill. Guess I'll have to step up the campaign for donations. Or what I like to think of as electronic panhandling feel free to visit the donations tab and contribute to keeping the Angels of the Road blogging (Telus also provides my internet). Hopefully the events of tomorrow will be more mundane. Sleep well.


  1. ach humm... Sparky would totally die to protect you...well...maybe not if there was food on the floor, but I'm sure he'd at least briefly think about it. (Sparks doggie thoughts)*** well, I can change that meat being on the floor and I'm too little to actually push Grandma out of the way of that truck, so I can't change that. So going by the logic of "change the things I can..." I'm going to clean the floor.***

    ok, maybe you have a point.

  2. attacks...not making us feel better.