Tuesday, August 4, 2009

a good day

August 4, 2009
Today was a good day in many ways. Although I only slept a few hours last night and woke up with my migraine still raging. I went to the Drop-in to sign up for the Adult Summer Camp which is on Aug 10th. I am torn about that... as much as I want to attend, to see how the camp normally functions (the small number of participant precluded a lot of planned activities at the first camp) I don't want to take a spot away from a homeless person who could benefit from the experience. Tomorrow I will talk to the workers and ask them to maybe just put me on standby. I'll go down to the centre packed to go on the morning of departure and see if someone fails to show up and a spot is open for me. That is probably the fairest way to do it.
In other news one of my new camp friends gave me the most wonderful distraction today...it is a magnetic toy consisting of many small metal stars and moons. One can stretch it or configure it into an infinite number of shapes. Not that I need more distraction...I really must focus on some of the projects I have already started. Dream catchers, and jewellery and a baby sweater and carving...so much to do so many distractions LOL
After a very nice "ladies lunch" I was craving ice cream...so I went to the supermarket and bought a 24 pack of mini revellos. I ate one and handed out the rest to the homeless people I met on my way back to the drop-in. Sometimes we forget how much fun it is to just share...even with strangers.
If we can get 15 hits a day on the website we will make 1000 by month's end. I'm really excited about all the people interested in my journey of homelessness in Canada. So next month when I am in Calgary on personal business (and a visit with family) I will take the necessary steps to legitimize Angels of the Road by registering as a not-for-profit corporation.
My eyes are burning I really must say good night...thanks for visiting and I would love your feedback, please feel free to comment ;-)

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