Saturday, August 15, 2009

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August 15, 2009
I was sitting in the park today... licking my wounds and chatting with a couple of my homeless friends. Can't panhandle, can't solicit donations, can't busk, can't peddle my little dream catchers, I am just no good at fund raising. Now I know why big organizations hire professionals for such things LOL. As I was saying... I was with a couple of the guys whining about my inadequacies when a distinguished looking senior gentleman approached. He introduced himself as Frank Downey and handed me his business card. Mr Downey told us how he had spent several thousand dollars to sponsor a booth at the sports show going on in the park this weekend. He talked about a business meeting he had in the morning with his erstwhile business partner. Mr Downey told us he was a retired admiral, we talk about the royal family and succession to the throne. I am buying into the whole story... until Mr Downey said,"It's all about presentation... look like you belong and you do". One of my friends said "you stay at the same shelter I do". Mr Downey said "not any more I stayed out last night and lost my bed". Then he explained how he had lifted the Pierre Cardin jacket he was wearing. The whole conversation just brought home to me how little we can rely on appearances to accurately assess a person. I suspect I will meet Mr Downey again, probably over brunch at the mission and I will have another opportunity to enjoy watching him spin his elaborate yarns. ;-)

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  1. Hi Bonnie,

    I had no idea that you were travelling about on this project. I've done a bit of browsing your website and reading your blogs; it's pretty cool. Coming at it from home I'm able to post a comment, which was blocked from my computer at work, and I also came to a different home page which I really liked. Or maybe your large-font welcome page is just new, and so I wouldn't have seen it at work anyway?

    I applaud your humble and heartfelt work.


    "A twig can turn a flood, but the twig must be well placed."
    Lloyd Alexander